Nine months pregnant. 2 a.m… Contractions every 3 minutes. What to do? First, call my doctor. Second, shave my legs.

My husband did not see the wisdom of my balancing act in the shower but was smart enough not to question a woman in labor. The deed was done without incident, and off to the hospital we went. Hours later, my beautiful son was born. Thank goodness neither he nor the doctor had to witness the horror of my hairy legs.

Sound familiar?

I have taken care of women for my entire career. Nearly every day I receive grooming apologies from my patients: “I’m so sorry—I didn’t shave” or “Pardon my pedicure” or “ohhh…I am due for my waxing next week.”

Sisters, I understand your concerns (see above,) and would like to set the record straight on what, in my opinion, really matters.

Be clean. If your feet have been enclosed all day, a pair of clean socks is greatly appreciated. My spinning stool rests between the footrests of the examination table when performing a pap smear. My nose is at level with your feet. See where I am going with this?

That’s it.

Full shave. Part shave. No shave. Pink nails. Blue nails. Acrylic nails. No matter. Do what makes you feel good—remember—you are doing it only for you. No apologies needed.

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