About Real Woman

There are dozens of consumer magazines on the shelves of every newsstand filled with supermodels and Hollywood stars trying to capture women readers. But that’s not what Real Woman is about. Instead, Real Woman, the official publication of Capital Health, is written by, for, and about actual women, covering issues that matter most to them—health, fitness, careers, parenting, and relationships. Women who, in many cases, run businesses and households, making the health, travel, nutrition, and purchasing decisions for themselves and their families. With advice from foremost experts in a variety of fields, the magazine provides tools for women to improve their lives, inspire each other, and overcome major health, personal, and professional challenges to achieve their goals.

Yes, Real Woman is a magazine.

But it’s also a community.

Distributed to 55,000 women in the affluent suburbs of Princeton, Hopewell, Lambertville, Skillman, New Hope, Newtown, and Yardley, advertisers can harness the buying power of the consumers they’re targeting. Advertisers will be talking to decision makers for anything from their children’s education to household appliances, vacations, cars, health care, food, and entertainment. Additional copies of Real Woman are distributed in waiting rooms of doctors within Capital Health, including the Women’s Health Center, the Center for Comprehensive Breast Care, and at the Capital Health Medical Centers in Hopewell and Trenton.

The Capital Health Commitment

Capital Health, the region’s leader in advanced medicine and the area’s most experienced physicians, is passionate about the wellbeing of women and committed to helping them stay healthy and engaged in their communities for years to come. In an effort to extend this commitment beyond its two state-of-the-art hospitals, they developed the Real Woman brand with a primary focus of supporting, educating, and bonding women through open dialogue about issues that impact them.

Engage, Share, Bond

Capital Health is dedicated to serving the needs of women’s health, and Real Woman celebrates those women who engage in serving the needs of their family, caring for their health, contributing to their communities and turning their jobs into passion. Capital Health works to share knowledge so that women can expand beyond just taking care of their physical health to taking care of their emotional wellbeing. Real Woman honors those women who share their stories in order to enhance the daily lifestyles of others.

Capital Health creates a bond with women by creating comfortable, open atmospheres for them to voice their most intimate health concerns while still feeling that they are being understood, considered and valued. Real Woman will foster that same bond by inviting women into an environment where they are able to not only share their stories but also their devotion to the topics at hand.

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