For many of us, the idea of meditation sounds appealing in theory, but in reality it’s difficult to make it happen. Finding the right time and place to meditate is hard enough. Plus, how do you mediate—what do you do?

A new app called Headspace provides guided meditation that you can do basically anywhere you can find peace and quiet for a few minutes. Co-founded by 43-year-old mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe, a trained Buddhist monk, the app offers users a variety of guides for general mediation or more specific topics, such as anxiety and relationships. Puddicombe’s soothing British voice tells us not to worry about doing it perfectly or trying to chase away pesky thoughts, but rather to try to be at ease with them.

It works if you just want to pop in your earbuds and listen on the train or during your lunch break, but you can amp up the experience with the app’s animations, videos, and articles, which are all designed to help you achieve better mindfulness.

If you dig Headspace, you are in good company. The app has garnered celeb fandom in Jared Leto, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Watson, to name a few.

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