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World Surf League

in a watershed moment for women in sports, the World Surf League announced equal pay for women in their sport.“Bravo to the WSL for their commitment to equal pay,” says Bianca Valenti, a San Francisco–based pro surfer who won Latin America’s first big-wave surf competition this summer. By conquering a 20-foot wave and winning the competition, she took away $1,750—a quarter of the $7,000 men’s prize. “Maybe we’ll find we have created equity not just in surfing, but for all sports.”

Bad Blood

Elizabeth Holmes wanted to be the next Steve Jobs. But John Carreyrou’s reporting in Bad Blood shows that her Silicon Valley start-up, Theranos, turned out to be an enormous fraud, and we burned through the book in 2 days. Holmes started Theranos when she was 19, having dropped out of Stanford University, and she claimed to have devised blood tests that only required very small amounts of blood at Theranos. She became the world’s youngest billionaire on the way to a federal indictment for defrauding investors. 

Kopari Deodorant

I really sweat a lot. No. Not like that. Like people looking up to see if there’s a leak in the ceiling when they see the lake under my spin bike. So I’ve always used powerful, clinical deodorants that have a ton of toxins. But a friend told me about Kopari, a natural deodorant, and, after giving her the side eye, I tried it. I have just three words. It totally works.

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The reasons you may decide to go vegetarian can include everything from religious restrictions to health concerns, ethical issues with the treatment of animals to environmental impact. But whatever the impetus for the change, be clear on why and how you’ll make it happen. Here’s a running start to both.

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