There’s no denying the ease of online dating. When you compare lying in bed perusing possible matches on your laptop to looking for love in an overcrowded bar where the cocktails cost more than your monthly gym membership—well, it’s a no-brainer to see which wins out.

And studies show that online dating and dating apps can be very successful. According to a Pew Research Center study, one in 10 Americans have tried online dating, and 60 percent of those users have dated someone they met through it.

Of course the biggest barrier to entry in the online dating world is the dreaded  profile. Writing your online profile is about as much fun as writing a resume and cover letter. Should you be funny? Charming? Coy? Intellectual? Does it reflect who you really are and what you want in a mate, or does it read like a cheesy personals from the 80? Should you be completely honest or try to position yourself so you sound a little better?

If only there were people who would write your profiles for you, right? Well, ask Google and you shall receive.  In today’s digital age, a crop of new companies have emerged, with professional writers willing to critique, spruce up or completely craft your profile—think of it as a resume writing-service for your love life.



Look Better Online 

Corny lines be gone. Professional writer Dean Shanson, author of Internet Dating: A Personal Survival Guide will makeover your profile, headline to essay, so you stand out from the e-crowd. At minimum, you can have a profile review, which includes an honest critique of your profile, advice on wording and a rewrite in your own words. For a total package, you get the words, a smart, original and inviting “About Me” and “About My Partner Essay” essays.



eFlirt Expert 

From modern, jet-setting professionals to overloaded single moms, some singles simply lack the time to set themselves up online. For A-to-Z assistance, check out the eFlirt Concierge service, which acts as both a coach and an assistant. The package includes writing, searching for possible matches, managing accounts, messaging matches, strategizing and more. Founded by Laurie Davis, author of Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating, the company offers other packages as well, including original profiles, profile critiquing and online makeovers.



It’s a Date!

For singles looking for love a second (or third, or fourth…) time around, click on over to It’s a Date!, a profile-writing site for the 40-plus crowd. Founded by marketing and promotions professional Deborah Sloan, the company offers personal consultation, headline, user and essay development and photo critiques and suggestions. They’ll even help with introductory emails.



Online Dating Ipsum 

Ok, you won’t find profile inspiration here, but you will find a few laughs reading these jumbled online dating profiles. Creator Lauren Halden’s inspiration for the site comes the many trite phrases she found on OkCupid. Users have a choice between “typical inane jabber” and “with a side of crazy sauce.” Click the button and enjoy online dating magic.



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