It’s billed as an online “co-parenting facilitator,” but could just as well be called “sanity saver” and “communication coach” for divorced moms and dads sharing custody of their children.

Even the most amicable relationships can feel the strain of staying on the same page when a child needs a booster shot next week (wait, which one was it again?), a gift for her BFF’s birthday party, the away-game uniform for basketball on Friday, new pants because hers are now floods, sodium bicarbonate (and supervision) for the science project due Monday, $50 for the field trip in two weeks, and a reminder that “bedtime is 10 p.m. at daddy’s house.”

The service not only helps cordially convey and organize these details, it also offers blogs and advice geared toward building a healthy family—even if that family has two addresses. 2houses is an app for Chrome, iPhone, and Facebook.

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