This scenario has happened to just about everyone who has ever tried a little DIY home improvement. You tape half-dozen paint swatches on your wall, choose the perfect shade of ocean aqua, pick up to cans at Home Depot, and start painting Mr. Miyagi-style on the wall. Only to look up and realize the color doesn’t actually look the same on the 1-inch swatch as it does on the wall. Here’s your fix.

Find out for if your color choice is a match with the Paint Harmony app for Android and iOS. Simply upload any photo (or standard-issue paint chip) whose colors inspire you, and you’ll be presented with an array of color samples from 47 brands of paint, including Ralph Lauren, Behr, Lowes, Sherwin Williams, and Gliddon. Click on one, and a sample room will appear realistically painted in that color (even multiple colors, if you prefer). It actually paint around objects in the room and preserves shadows and textures while adjusting for lighting conditions. The 99-cent app also lets you store and share possibilities.

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