Scattered throughout Bucks and Mercer counties are hidden gems and old running club standards that offer plenty of variety for runners and walkers. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a race, joining some friends to run, walk, and talk, or just clearing your head with some solo miles, here are some routes to check out.


Peace Valley Park

Difficulty | ++

With a paved loop around the reservoir that’s almost exactly six miles, Peace Valley is prime training ground for the 10-K and half-marathon crowd. The park has water fountains on either side of the reservoir as well as plenty of shady spots. An eight percent grade on the north side presents the only challenging climb but overall, it’s pretty flat.

Get There | Take Route 611 to Route 313 W (Swamp Road). Turn left on Galena Road.



Difficulty | ++++

Building up your leg strength early on is one key to success in many marathon training plans, and there’s no better way to do it than running hills. The hills along Pretty Brook Road in Princeton present plenty of scenic miles to make the climbs go by a little easier. And with a lot of roads branching out into the surrounding area, there are plenty of route options to choose from.

Get There | Starting at the Princeton YMCA, head down Bayard Lane then make a left on Mountain Avenue, a right on Great Road, and then a left onto Pretty Brook Road.


Tyler State Park

Difficulty | +++

With 10.5 miles of paved pathways, 4 miles of gravel tracks, and 9 miles of horse trails, runners can traverse a wide variety of terrains without ever hitting the same trail twice. The hills aren’t too intense, making the park an ideal training ground for everything from rigorous tempo runs to run/walk workouts. Don’t worry about getting lost—the trails are clearly labeled.

Get There | The park lies just outside of Newtown at the intersection of Swamp Road and the four-lane bypass. Parking lots near the outer perimeter of the park allow access to remote areas and trails.


Delaware and Raritan Canal

Difficulty | ++

The 29 miles flat gravel towpath along the D&R canal is perfect for long runs. Along with natural scenery, the canal features wooden bridges, cobblestone spillways, and hand-built stone-arched culverts, making it interesting enough for you to leave your headphones at home. Head’s up, though, the path gets pretty muddy after it rains.

Get There: Take Route 1 to Route 522 east (Ridge Road) then turn left at Division Street, and left at Academy Street.


Washington Crossing State Park

Difficulty | +++

A great introduction to trail running, Washington Crossing provides plenty of variety across some gently rolling terrain. The 13 miles of trails are hard-packed dirt or grass single- and double-track through woods and open fields. Finish off your run on the Delaware Canal State Park towpath for an easy cool down.

Get There: The park is just off of Route 29.

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