Liking fashion and knowing how to pull it off are two different things, so we consulted someone who knows both to give you advice that’s in style and easy to wear. Dominique Daniela owns a boutique women’s clothing store in New Hope, Pa., and she says spring 2014 is all about feeling—and looking—strong.

For many of us, clothes need to be more than fashionable—they need to be wearable too. And three trends this season give you room to make them your own—from tribal inspiration to sporty fashion and sophisticated silhouettes. The feeling is about looking confident and wanting to be seen. Try out these wearable trends to be in-fashion and feeling your best.


Meghan is confident in her tribal blouse by Idea. The leather fringe bag by Eli&Co. and Miracle Body jean, executes the trend.

1. Tribal accents
Fringe, abstract prints, feathers, and beads convey a message of true power while remaining feminine.

Bold primary colors execute this brave bohemian.

But don’t overdo it. You do not want to look like you are a member of a tribe, but rather stand on your own with a unique accent that empowers you!

2. Athletic influence
The great news is, it doesn’t matter whether you are really coming from the gym or not, fashion has taken the sporty look to another level.

Body-shaping tank tops to crop tops, leggings, and cropped sweats to track suits and fashion hoodies are all the rave.

Active silhouettes take to trend with zippers, leather, and lace.

Technical sporty fabrications with these fashion silhouettes are a true mix of comfort and chic confidence.


Meghan is looking sweet in her pleated paisley dress by Pink Martini.

3. Structured silhouette
Let your shape be the star with the more structured silhouette of seamed dresses, tailored jackets, and pleated full skirts.

Take on powerful statement with soft undertones.

These structured styles are accented with soft laces, feminine florals, and beading, but take to a softer pastel palette.

These floral pastel shades have strength through sophistication.










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