I recently ran across a piece in the Huffington Post called “Busy is a Sickness” which I instantly clicked on. I’d just been pitching my editor a piece I was calling “You’re Never Too Busy for a Phone Call,” so it piqued my interest. The author of the Huff Po piece described busy as a modern-day epidemic, which most of us would agree is pretty accurate. However, I would categorize it more as a crutch than a sickness. We haven’t been stricken with busyness, like you would the flu. Too often, the words “I’m so busy” are used as an excuse, and you may not even realize the ripple effect this phrase is having in your life.

What does saying “I’m so busy” or “I’m too busy” say about you? Whether you’re too busy to go to the gym or too busy to volunteer, no one should be too busy for the things that matter to them. We need to stop being so busy and start actually paying attention to how this implied frenzy is impacting our lives, our relationships, and the younger generations for whom we are setting the example.

How have we managed to turn what to many would be considered a full and happy life into something so weighted and negative? My line of work, like many others, requires juggling a million balls at once. Throw in a husband, a couple of kids, my type A personality, and OCD for keeping an orderly home and work space, and I would say I’m stretched as thin as a pancake. However, I make time for what is important. So when someone says they are “too busy,” I see that as a choice. We all know the feeling of not being able to fit one more thing onto our already full plates, but sometimes it’s just a matter of pushing the peas over just a smidgen to make room for the corn. The next time you hear someone, including yourself, say they are too busy, think about this story:

When I was in search of a television agent, my friend recommended his buddy at CAA (Creative Artists Agency), also known as the Mothership in Hollywood. His friend turned out to represent some of the most famous actors and entertainers in the business (the guy the Ari Gold character from HBO’s “Entourage” was based on). Well now I was exchanging emails with him. I was honored, but the following day when he actually called me on the phone, I was floored. After we exchanged hellos I said, “Thank you so much for taking the time. I know you are very busy” He replied, “No one is too busy for a phone call.” Boom!

We need to stop saying we’re so busy and instead choose to take back control. Don’t fall prey to the epidemic. Remember you are alive, healthy, and capable of juggling said one million balls. Embrace it. Cherish it. Enjoy every minute of it. In an instant, you’re life can change and all this busyness could be gone.

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