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Jess Downey, Editor

Jess is the owner and co-founder of Indelible Media and the editor of Real Woman magazine and since the brand’s inception. In her first year at the helm, Jess shepherded Real Woman to the Content Council’s gold Pearl Award for Best New Magazine and a nomination for Best Overall Magazine. Over the course of her publishing career, she has worked as an editor on consumer and trade magazines in New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

Kate Stier, Publisher

Kate is Capital Health’s director of public relations and marketing.

Julie Brunner, Sales Director

Julie is a fitness and health entrepreneur who strongly believes in the healing properties of food. Since 2001, she has been sharing her passion for living a healthy, happy lifestyle with the women of Bucks and Mercer counties. You can see many of her food creations on her Instagram @jbrunnerfitlife.

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